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Holly Desmond Photography is home to a unique collection of photographic images sold as high quality prints, covering themes of abstract photography, urban photography, ocean photography, natural landscape photography and montage photography. The art portfolio is inspired by a range of spaces, from the chaotic inner city, to the simplistic natural environment.
The contemporary art style is displayed throughout all of these works is created using a variety of techniques. The outcome is a collection of artistic photo images which vary from subtle tones, to more graphic lines demonstrating great depth colour and artistic design. A number of the photos have an almost ‘painting’ like quality to them and look amazing as framed image prints.
These images are professionally printed and framed using the finest quality archival cotton rag paper and inks, suitable for both residential and commercial use. The quality of this paper enables both colours and black and whites to be rich and dense.
The collection includes a selection of numbered editions that are especially chosen for limited printing to be sold as framed photo prints. All photos for sale are signed personally and a range of print sizes are available.

Visit our Online Photography Gallery to view the latest works